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We pride ourselves on offering a simplified solution that caters to your needs. We understand that designing and implementing websites, as well as conducting online marketing, can be a daunting and costly experience. Our team has engineered a collection of refined real estate website products that are not only visually pleasing, but also deliver effective results, all at a surprisingly reasonable price point. Our development team continually pushes the boundaries of innovation and possesses unparalleled expertise within the industry. With our steadfast commitment to excellence, you’ll discover us to be an ideal partner in supporting your success throughout your real estate journey.


With valuable real estate marketing knowledge, Simple Agent Solution works to ensure you’re achieving your objective of presenting yourself as an expert in real estate.

Proven Result

Simple Agent Solution's real estate website has had positive track records for years. Agents have been converting to our website to achieve results they never thought possible with their budget. We create solutions to tailor your specific real estate goals.


By working with us, you are receiving over 10 years of real estate website experiences. You will be able to navigate complicated situations like a pro. We have the expertise required to help strategize, negotiate and achieve the best outcomes possible. Plus, we will provide expert guidance throughout the entire online marketing strategy.


Beautiful Modern Semi-Custom Themes

Build trust with clients by showcasing a professional and unique looking website. Your willingness to invest in your own branding will be noticed.

Modify almost any elements to make your site uniquely yours. No two sites are the same.

OUR differences

We help your website work as intended

We focus on components that deliver results and help you achieve them.



By understanding your real estate goals, we can plan out a road map for you to be successful.



We are very in-tune with the real estate market. Whatever you want to achieve, we have the resource to guide you.



There are multiple ways to achieve your goals. Do you want to be the go-to expert in your neighbourhood or the condo specialist?



You will be able to map out the best course for your website with all the information provided to you.


Proper Development

In order to achieve a certain goal, your website has to be designed and developed for it. We make sure of that.


Search Engine Optimization

There are more than one search engine in the world. We build your website according to the newest SEO trends.

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